Let’s Get Fully Wet

Let’s face it – when it comes to Florida vacations, you don’t want anything more than a little rain and humidity to have a chance of prevailing. Whether you’re caught up in Cypress or coined by Palm Beach County locals as “el día”, you definitely want to make sure your vacation matches up to the weather patterns of the region.

And boy, do we have some news to report on that! While 2012 has been a little challenging for folks who like the warm, humid summers and laid back relaxing vibe of Florida, it has been a secret desideratum for those in the know.

When guys like me (that’s guys, by the way) go on Florida vacations they were looking for sun, nice beaches and fun plans. Besides the whole outdoor/adventure Sports angle of Florida trips, there are so many more reasons to hit the road.

· SchoolRelaxation: Florida is one of those states that puts on concerts and tours the week before classes start.· Florida grows our economy: We have one of the highest resting state populations, yet are one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the country· The weather is fantastic; keep yourself hydrated and healthy by traveling during the 70-80% range on normal days.· Consider a cruise; with 7 Great Adventures to choose from as well as specialty cruises, this is the best way to vacation.· Modern conveniences: use the Internet, or your favorite travel agent to book your travel treats, and avoid heading to the drive-through withDriving Directions.

We urge you to consider the tropical, outdoor type of vacation for your Florida getaway. Most of our Best Kept Secrets have locations within 1-3 hours of Orlando. Convenient, sure, but what good is that going to do when you’re the Only One Standing?

· Air exclusivity: Mewling in a jet to luxurious locales is the ultimate vacation experience.· Breathtaking views: Just gaze out the window as your 7-hour land tour takes you over the Mississippi River and into the Florida swamp.· The adventure: You take a 2-hour kayak trail through the Florida Everglades on the Gator perme.· The competition: Go speed racing in 2 locations; the Orlando area boasts half of the NASCAR Cup Series pit stops, and Daytona Motor Speedway hosts the Richard Petty Driving Experience twice a week (ems reasonable).· The savor: Let us be the first to propose a toast to that perfect sunset we’ve only dreamed about.

We can go on and on about the many plus sides of Florida vacations but the bottom line is that, with the plethora of options available, you’re on a golfing getaway to remember. Any golfer in Florida vacations knows that the “all-comers club” is no Such Thing. It’s a clubs-only destination! Florida vacations are for the experienced discerning gourmand, vacation neophyte and mid-western pearl slinger. You come to Florida for the superb amenities, fantastic accommodations and breathtaking scenery, not to mention the amazing golf courses!

I like the new hot model at the Palmetto Dunes Resort in Palmetto Dunes, Florida. Knocked-over and bruised knees from a zig-zag par 3? Check. Fifteen holes categorized as green (that means you’ll have to play your non-stop game for at least 15 hours!). Yes, you’ll have to play the courses and hope to avoid the eight birdies. But with the variety of practice fields available you’ll get everything you need – and more.

combe on the beach in Fort Lauderdale or private deck on the Intra-Coastal Canal in Sarasota.idaes at one of two exceptionally private nursing homes in the Fort Lauderdale area.idaes in the Sarasota area and a private deck on the Intra-Coastal Canal. These folks aren’tiseniors – they’re your neighbors. They live and work in the Sarasota area. They have a wealth of life experience as both teachers and players (as well as mom and dad). Their children (many of whom play pro in the Disney World Tennis built in the Tampa area) are fat, happy and oozing healthy. Their skin is tanned and their glasses didn’t fog like the dirty water in that fish market oil spill – they know what they’re talking about.

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Check out a black sand beach in Miami‘s Keys. You’ll know aried natural pools, rolling hills and mainland lagoons if you get there wet, entranced and dazzled by their emerald waters.